October 03, 2014

A touch of autumn brezze

The whole outfit is from H&M, except for the black top which is from Sisters Point

July 28, 2014

Blue cheetah

Shirt: H&M | Pants: H&M DIVEDED Slim Fit pants | Shoes: Bianco Footware | Accessorries: Glitter

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July 22, 2014

Cropped demin look

Crop top: H&M | Pants: H&M DIVDED Slim fit pants | Shoes: H&M | Accessorries: H&M

Hello readers

First of all i'm so sorry for not blogging a while. For almost a month ago I've just finished my business school examination, that's why I've not being active on the blog, because I've been busy to prepare the exams. After being study very hard and I past all mine exams, I was looking forward to relax and being together with my family and my closest.
Now I'm feeling rested out, I'm ready to start blogging agian. I've like a month left of my summer break, then I'll try to blog so much as possible. Then stay turned for more outfit looks and possibly I'll do beauty and hair post too.

As you can see that there is no any link on the info text, what I'm wearing down below the picture, where to get the outfit. That's because the entire outfit have I bought back in February and the shoes have I bought for 2 years ago. If you're interested in where to get some similar pieces of the outfit, I would like to help out to look it up for you.

Don't forget to follow my blog with bloglovin'. I'll also follow back on yours as well, then we can stay in touch.

❤  M.T

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June 16, 2014

The best way to wear perfume

Hello! :)

Todays blog post I want to share the best way to wear perfume. Some tips I've found helpful for me, and I've followed them for almost a year now and I hope you find some use of those tips.

1. Apply your perfume where the skin is especially warm and where there is good blood circulation, because the heat helps to dissipate and boost the fragrance in the air.
The body’s pulse points are the perfect spot to spray the perfume. You can find your pulse points on the wrist, the inner side of the arms, under the ear lopes, behind the knees, bottom of the neck and anywhere you can find a heartbeat.

2. Spray on your skin from about 20 centimeter distance. Let perfume set on to your skin and don’t rub it to set the perfume faster, because then you are ruin the fragrance and their formation.

3. Avoid spraying your perfume directly on the clothes. Some material doesn’t take the perfumes alcohol and oils, and you risk getting permanents spots, that will ruin your clothes.

4. If you have dry skin, then the perfume quickly loose the fragrance, because the perfumes essential oils immediately absorbs into the dry skin and disappear. Make sure that your skin is moistened. Use a perfume free lotion to moisture the skin and it will help you get the fragrance last longer.

Other tips to making your fragrance last longer:
Tip 1. A clean and moistened skin makes your fragrances lasting longer.
After a bath or a shower, moisture your skin with a perfume free lotion the area, where you want to apply the perfume and then spray on the perfume immediately.
Tip 2. From the same line as your perfume, there is typical a fragrance body gel and body lotion. Layering those products together, then spray the perfume on top makes the fragrance to maintain throughout the day.

5. Do not use 2 different fragrances at the same time. Each perfume is a balanced unique creation. If you are wearing 2 different on the top of each fragrance, it will probably create a fragrance sensation, but it’s more likely that you will produce a bad scents.

Tip to how to take care of your perfumes:
A fragrances enemies are air, warm, light and age. The bathroom is a no go – it’s too damp and warm. Rather keep your perfumes in the box, and place them into a cooler and dry place, if you want the fragrance to remain undamaged.

That was it, and if you have any tips how to wear perfume, please let a comment down below.

❤  M.T
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June 14, 2014

Outfit idea: The bodycon dress for evening look

Hello readers

I've picked one of the dresses from yesterday's blog post, summer party dresses, to do an outfit idea for an evening look. This dress or it is also called "bodycon dress", is absolutely my favourite dress from the post. This dress is a tight fitting, which accentuates the lines of the body. It have this v-neck in front with thin shoulder straps in cross over design. The material is stretchable fabric. This bodycon dress is feminine and elegant, and it is perfect for an evening look in this summer. Style it with a pair of heeled sandals and touch up with pieces of fashion jewelry, which can make you look more beautiful, rich and stylish. Don’t forget an exquisite clutch, when you are dressed in a beautiful bodycon dress!
To find these pieces, there's links down below.

❤  M.T

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June 13, 2014

Summer party dresses

Hello readers

This summer is teeming with lovely dresses, no matter you are into the long, the short, the colorful or the simple dress, then there is also one, there will fall into your taste.
I've picked 11 summer party dresses for you, which suits into any festive occasion this summer and I've linked the dresses down below. All the dresses are from nelly.com.

❤ M.T

1. Little Mistress, Floral Lace Race Front Fit&Flare Dress | 2. Native Rose, Slip Racer Black Dress 3. NLY Trend, Dreamy Dress | 4. Jean Blush, Viktoria Long Dress | 5. Club L, New Shape Skater Lace | 6. NLY Eve, Flower Empire Maxi Dress | 7. Vero Moda, Pretty Hi-Lo Tube Dress | 8. NLY Trend, Frill Dress | 9. Oneness, Skater Bell Dress | 10. AQ/AQ, Yara Mini Dress | 11. Club L, Bone Detail Skater Dress 

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